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S-PLUS Books

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Using and Programming S-PLUS
Modeling Financial Time Series with S-PLUS
Eric Zivot and Jiahui Wang
Springer-Verlag, New York, NY (2002)
ISBN 0-387-95549-6

The New S Language
Richard A. Becker, John M. Chambers, and Allan R. Wilks
Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole, Pacific Grove, CA (1988)

Programming with Data
John M. Chambers
Springer-Verlag, New York, NY (1998)
ISBN 0-387-98503-4
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The Basics of S and S-PLUS (Third edition)
Andreas Krause and Melvin Olson
Springer-Verlag, New York (2002)
ISBN 0387954562
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An Introduction to S and S-PLUS
P. Spector
Duxbury Press, Belmont, CA (1994)
ISBN 0-534-19866-X
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S Programming
W. N. Venables and B. D. Ripley
Springer, New York (2000)
ISBN 0-387-98966-8
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Understanding Statistical Concepts Using S-PLUS
R. E. Schumacker and A. Akers
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Mahwah, New Jersey (2001)
ISBN 0-8058-3623-3


Data Analysis with S-PLUS

Statistics for Social Science, Education, Public Policy, Law
An R and S-PLUSŪ Companion to Multivariate Analysis

Everitt, Brian S.
Springer 2005
ISBN 1-85233-882-2

An introduction to S-PLUS and the Hmisc and Design libraries
C.F. Alzola and F.E. Harrell
Freely available document

Applied Statistics in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Steven P. Millard & Andreas Krause
Springer (2001)
ISBN 0-387-98814-9

Robust Diagnostic Regression Analysis
Anthony Atkinson and Marco Riani
Springer (2000)
ISBN 0-387-95017-6
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Applied Smoothing Techniques for Data Analysis:The Kernel Approach with S-PLUS Illustrations
Bowman & Azzalini
Claredon Press (1997)
ISBN 0-19-852396-3
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Applied Wavelet Analysis with S-PLUS
Andrew Bruce and Hong-Ye Gao
Springer-Verlag, New York, NY (1996)
ISBN 0-387-94714-0
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S Poetry
P Burns
Freely available document.

Statistical Models in S
John Chambers and Trevor Hastie
Chapman and Hall (1992)
ISBN 0-412-05291-1 (hb)
ISBN 0-412-05301-2 (pb)
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Statistical Computing: An Introduction to Data Analysis Using S-PLUS
M. Crawley
Wiley (2002)
ISBN 0-471-56040-5

Bootstrap Methods and Their Application
A.C. Davison and D.V. Hinkley
Cambridge University Press (1997)
ISBN 0-521-57391-2

An Introduction to the Bootstrap
Bradley Efron and Robert Tibshirani
Chapman and Hall (1994)
ISBN 0-412-04231-2

Bootstrap Methods and Permutation Tests
Tim Hesterberg, Shaun Monaghan,
David S. Moore, Ashley Clipson, and Rachel Epstein
W. H. Freeman, (2003)
ISBN 0-7167-5726-5

A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using S-PLUS
B. Everitt
Chapman and Hall, London (1994)
ISBN 0-412-56310-X
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Analyzing Medical Data Using S-PLUS (Statistics for Biology and Health)
B. Everitt and S. Rabe-Hesketh
Springer-Verlag (2001)
ISBN 0-387-98862-9
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Smoothing Techniques with Implementation in S

W. Haerdle
Springer-Verlag, New York (1991)
ISBN 0-387-97367-2

Generalized Additive Models
T. Hastie and R. Tibshirani
Chapman and Hall (1990)

The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference and Prediction
T. Hastie, R. Tibshirani and J. Friedman
Springer-Verlag, New York (2001)
ISBN 0-387-95284-5

Regression Modeling Strategies with Applications to Linear Models, Logistic Regression, and Survival Analysis
F.E. Harrell
Springer (2001)
ISBN 0-387-95232-2

Statistical Tools for Nonlinear Regression: A Practical Guide with S-PLUS Examples
S. Huet, A. Bouvier, M.-A. Gruet, and E. Joliet
Springer-Verlag, New York, NY (1996)
ISBN 0-387-94727-2
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S+SpatialStats User's Manual
S.P. Kaluzny, S.C. Vega, T.P. Cardoso, and A.A. Shelly
Springer-Verlag, New York, NY (1997)
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An Introduction to S-PLUS for Windows
L. Lam
Candiensten, Amsterdam (2001)
ISBN 90-804652-2-4
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Algorithms, Routines and S Functions for Robust Statistics
A. Marazzi
Wadsworth and Brooks/Cole, Pacific Grove, CA (1993)

Statistical Methods for Reliability Data
W. Meeker and L. Escobar
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (1998)
ISBN 0-471-14328-6

Applied Statistics in the Pharmaceutical Industry with case studies using S-PLUS
Steven Millard and Andreas Krause (eds)
Springer-Verlag New York (2001)
ISBN 0-397-98814-9

Environmental Statistics with S-PLUS
Steven P Millard and Naharaj K Neerchal
CRC Press (2000)
ISBN 0-849-37168-6
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StatConcepts: A visual tour of statistical ideas
H.J. Newton and J.L.Harvill
Duxbury Press (1997)
ISBN 0-534-26552-9

Stat Labs: Mathematical Statistics through Applications
D. Nolan & T.P. Speed
Springer (2000)
ISBN 0-387-98974-0
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Mixed-Effects Models in S and S-PLUS
J.C Pinheiro and D.M. Bates
Springer, New York, NY (2000)
ISBN 0-387-98957-9
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Modern Applied Biostatistical Methods Using S-PLUS
S. Selvin
Oxford University Press (1998)
ISBN 0-19-512025-6
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Modeling Survival Data
Terry M Therneau and Patricia M Grambsch
Springer, New York, NY (2000)
ISBN 0-387-98784-3
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Modern Applied Statistics with S-PLUS, Fourth Edition
William N. Venables and Brian D. Ripley
Springer, New York, NY (2002)
ISBN 0-387-95457-0
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Introduction to Robust Estimation and Hypothesis Testing
R. Wilcox
Academic Press (1997)
ISBN 0-12-751545-3
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Introduction to Modern Portfolio Optimization with NuOpt and S-PLUS
Bernd Scherer & R. Douglas Martin
Springer-Verlag Telos
ISBN: 0-387-21016-4

Statistical Analysis of Financial Data in S-PLUS
Rene Carmona
Springer-Verlag Telos
ISBN: 0387202862
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Portfolio Construction and Risk Budgeting
Bernd Scherer
Risk Books (June 2002)
ISBN: 1-899332-44-8
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Graphical Methods for Data Analysis
J.M. Chambers, W.S. Cleveland, B. Kleiner, and P.A. Tukey
Duxbury Press, Belmont, CA (1983)

Visualizing Data
William S. Cleveland
Hobart Press, Summit, NJ (1993)
ISBN 0-9634884-0-6
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The Elements of Graphing Data
William S. Cleveland
Hobart Press, Summit, NJ (1994)